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Luxury Interior Design and Decorating

Leave a beautiful legacy

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At Lillis Interiors we believe that a well-designed home is not only defined by beautiful furniture and exquisite décor, but also by the elegance of timeless design.


We are dedicated to the pursuit of creating a haven that captures your imagination, and breathes vitality into your surroundings. 


Our aesthetics are an accumulation of years of exploration and discovery, culminating in  the alchemy of our style.


Myriad Collections

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be Useful or believe to be beautiful"

-William Morris

Period Properties

We have a passion for art history and restoration, as well as modernising interiors.

Contemporary Homes

Big and bold or sleek and minimal?

Origional Artwork

Hand painted murals, integrated features and applied design.

Our Vision


At Lillis Interiors we understand our position of privilege within your home, and feel a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to the execution of your project.


We aspire to inspire our clients' innate creativity by drawing on passions both within, and extrinsic to, the interior design realm. This is achieved by applying our personal knowledge of Painting and Decorationg, Art History, Anthropology, Theatre, Craftsmanship, and the Psychology of Colour, to your passions and idiosyncrasies.

Due to our broad approach, we are proud to say our projects are highly personal and individual works of art.


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Trudy Lillis - Founder

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